Who is behind xtraCHEF?

We have a combined 30+ years in the Restaurant and Hospitality industry. We know how important it is that your operation works efficiently from back to front. If the business is not organized, the food will never be. And that is exactly why we created xtraCHEF, a simple solution to manage the complex expenses of a kitchen.

Company History

xtraCHEF was conceptualized in 2014 by a bunch of restaurant industry veterans and software geeks with a passion to solve the archaic process of managing a restaurant’s food costs. What started over a round of drinks in an uptown bar in NYC is now disrupting the food and beverage industry in how businesses manage their Back Of The House operations.

We thrive on our customers’ satisfaction and our goal is to provide easy to use tools to solve world hunger…err maybe that’s a tall order, but at least provide tools that would decrease the gap of managing actual and theoretical food cost variance.

By The Numbers

We’re helping hundred's of restaurants around the country, manage their food costs.

Worth of Invoice Processed
SKU’s Tracked in xtraCHEF
Saved Hours of Cost


Andy Schwartz

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Andy guides the company’s strategic direction. With deep roots in process improvement, change management and revenue cycle management, Andy uniquely understands how to grow a business and build the right partnerships. Prior to starting xtraCHEF, Andy worked as Senior V.P. of Sales & Marketing for nine years at MTS Software Solutions, a company that provides software solutions to streamline document centric processes. When not working on xtraCHEF, Andy, an NBA aficionado with a natural flair for building strong relationships, can be found spending time at his home in Philadelphia with his wife, Gloria and daughter, Lily. Although he’s not the high school hall of famer he once was, you may still catch him on the courts faking a crossover before serving up a nice jumper.

Chaz Brown

Chef and Co-Founder

Chaz is a passionate chef devoted to his culinary craft and strives to always be creative and inventive in the kitchen. After graduating from the French Culinary Institute, where Brown was credited as the Mid-Atlantic Chef of The Year in 2009, he went on to compete on Top Chef Season 9. Chaz is now the owner and Chef de Cuisine of Seoul Chicken restaurant, which has become a media darling since opening in September of 2014. Chaz knows a thing or two about running a kitchen and his experiences on the ground provide critical insights on our product design and execution.

Bhavik Patel

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

Bhavik is responsible for managing and providing overall leadership to the software product division at xtraCHEF. He brings more than 18 years of diverse experience in designing, developing and implementing enterprise-wide document and receivable management solutions. Before joining xtraCHEF, Bhavik was responsible for managing a multimillion-dollar eProducts portfolio and delivering groundbreaking solutions, such as global check clearing solutions and mobile check deposit solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Bhavik is also a foodie, he knows the best hot spots in town and can be seen doing #throwdowns with line cooks in the Philly area.


Daniel Chulsky

Chief Operating Officer

Daniel provides the operations and finance leadership to the team. Before joining xtraCHEF, Daniel led financial operations for hospitality and private equity groups regionally and internationally in both public and private organizations. He supports development with product design and is the liaison for our shareholder relations, legal and capital acquisition. He is an avid marathoner and spends his free time with his family.

Dayna Barringer

Director of Business Development

Dayna oversees the business development and sales efforts at xtraCHEF. She is responsible for sales operations, revenue growth, market penetration and market share. She builds strategies to define the sales processes and drive profitable growth to the company. Dayna manages key customer relationships and participates in closing strategic opportunities and partnerships. She is the key liaison for affiliated organizations and networking groups. Dayna has extensive career experience in hospitality tech start-ups, and launching new markets and products, as well as building and managing winning sales teams. In her free time you can find Dayna traveling as a photojournalist around the world.

John C. Enny

Director of Marketing

John's role at xtraCHEF is like that of a restaurant expeditor. He works hard to maintain communication across the house, to deliver the right message to the right party at the right time, and to ensure that the creative vision and brand are aligned with our most important resource - our customers.

He offers a diverse skill set and professional background to his role as Director of Marketing. He brings private, non-profit, and government sector experience that ranges from building mud stoves in South America and facilitating team-building adventures to building landing pages and implementing CRM & Marketing Automation systems. When not planning and executing marketing initiatives at xtraCHEF, he enjoys planning and executing family adventures with his wife and two sons. He's also known to be the Chopped Champion of his own kitchen...at least a few nights a week.

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While we are in NYC, our app-based subscription service is currently available to anyone in the USA who wants to revolutionize the way their kitchen operates. Submit your email address below to request a demo or more information and we will be in touch ASAP.

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