The Paper‐Invoice Murder Rate Skyrockets in NYC

xtraCHEF is changing the restaurant industry with a software designed to digitize vendor invoices in real time, eliminating common operational errors. Through various clients, xtraCHEF is helping companies revolutionize the way their kitchens operate.

One of the many success stories comes from Convene, the nation’s fastest‐growing network of conference venues and winner of Crain’s Fastest Growing Company in New York City. Convene is saving thousands using xtraCHEF’ s disruptive paper‐invoice‐data‐extraction technology aka the invoice killa'.

"xtraCHEF allows me to digitally catalog invoices, and have access to them on my mobile phone and my computer. Any invoice I want, at any of my kitchens, I have in front of me in a few iPhone clicks. Also, xtraCHEF allows us to instantly compare vendor‐pricing variances between locations and individual item price increases. My leverage and reaction time to each have increased exponentially.”
– Drew Kromm, Purchasing Director of Convene

This sort of technology is truly a first for this space as well as the restaurant industry all over the U.S. Analyzing and tracking invoice data in ‘real time’ gives industry transparency to food purchases and costs.

“Convene is changing a lot of stereotypes as it relates to meeting centers and the hospitality in those venues. They are a very forward thinking company that is looking to leverage technology wherever they can. xtraCHEF and Convene are a perfect fit.”
– Andy Schwartz, CEO and Founder of xtraCHEF

About Convene
Convene is the nation’s fastest growing network of meeting, event, and conference venues that combine technology, culinary, production, and human‐centered design into a transformative user experience. In partnership with commercial landlords, the company leverages its workplace hospitality platform to provide ondemand amenity solutions, which enhance the service experience for building tenants. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in New York City, Convene was named by Forbes as one of America’s 100 Most Promising Companies in 2014 and by Inc. as one of America’s fastest growing companies.