xtraCHEF's Basic Framework
and Workflow


Manager of the entire portal. Can oversee multiple locations and has access to assign roles.


Has access to all functionality including reporting and analytics across multiple locations through all six tiles.


Can be assigned to one or multiple locations.


Only has access to invoice capture and credit & returns functionalities.

Key Features

xtraCHEF will change the way your kitchen operates. The power is not only in the streamlined workflow. The tools we’ve built into our application take you seamlessly from invoices to analytics.

Mobile Capture

Auto-detect, auto-capture ultra quick camera functionality. Press snap button only if you feel like it.

iDC Engine

iDC (intelligent data capture) is xtraCHEF’s proprietary OCR data extraction platform. It provides real-time data extraction at both header and line item levels and earmarks exception handling which is done by our in-house team. It is intelligent in that it learns your purchasing trends and alerts you when something does not seem right. The more you put into the engine the faster it gets.

Customizable Categories and Auto-General Ledger (GL) Coding

Easily set up categories for each food and beverage item and assign your respective GL codes to them. xtraCHEF's iDC engine will remember your system and all subsequent invoice data will be automatically categorized and coded.

Data & Analytics

Interpretable and actionable data such as COGS, spending by category, and item price tracking are visible in real-time on both your mobile and desktop.

Connect with xtraCHEF

While we are in NYC, our app-based subscription service is currently available to anyone in the USA who wants to revolutionize the way their kitchen operates. Submit your email address below to request a demo or more information and we will be in touch ASAP.

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