GuestCounts Hospitality has chosen xtraCHEF to automate invoice processing and provide real time cost analytics.

NYC, NY – April 12, 2016 GuestCounts Hospitality has chosen xtraCHEF’ s disruptive mobile application to automate paper‐invoice processing at their Cuba Libre Restaurant and Rum bars and Brûlée Catering operations, which include historic Philadelphia locations such as the Museum of the American Revolution and the Please Touch Museum at Memorial Hall.

“This product is a tremendous asset and XtraChef has been a great partner. It has eliminated human error, data entry and provided more accurate accounting of food costs and invoices. It essentially provides the Chefs with more time on the cutting board and managing the kitchen, than the keyboard and managing the numbers.”
– Bob Gallo, GuestCounts Hospitality Operating Partner

"XtraChef has created a more efficient system of managing invoices and cost of goods. Analytical tools such as price change notifications, credit tracking, and itemized purchasing reports offer an insightful look into where money is being spent throughout the operation. Quick, responsive customer support ensures that real time tracking of invoices doesn’t miss a beat.”
– Kevin Couch, Senior Executive Chef, Cuba Libre Restaurant and Rum Bar

XtraChef packages superior technology in a unique architecture that provides a one‐step solution that is both innovative and economical.

“Chef Kevin Couch and Cuba Libre Restaurant have been instrumental in shaping our product from the first beta tests and making the partnership official confirms the hard work and vision of both companies. We are extremely grateful to have GuestCounts Hospitality as a milestone customer and look forward to a long‐lasting relationship.”
– Andy Schwartz, CEO and Founder of xtraCHEF