xtraCHEF grabs New York City by the Balls
(...Meatballs that is)

The Meatball Shop has chosen xtraCHEF, a restaurant purchasing and cost automation tool, to enhance efficiency and transparency in their many New York City locations and commissary kitchen.

“Ever since we started with xtraCHEF, our internal invoice/cost management processes have become more efficient. Our managers are better informed in a timely manner, and the corporate team doesn't have to manually key in data. We now have access to real-°©‐time data on our purchases and costs, which has given us the ability to make real-time proactive-not-reactive decisions. It’s saving us a lot of money and labor hours throughout our six locations." – Mike Cerulli, Controller at TMS

xtraCHEF digitizes vendor invoices through a proprietary smartphone camera technology. The user takes a picture of the paper invoice, then xtraCHEF's iDC (Intelligent Data Capture) platform extracts and analyzes the data. Real‐time insights are provided on purchases and costs, such as item price increases and weekly purchase volume variances. Moreover, xtraCHEF integrates with many RMS companies including Compeat, which The Meatball Shop uses currently.

“Adding The Meatball Shop as a customer holds great importance as we are big fans of the brand. They are a prime example of how to grow and manage a restaurant group within the most competitive restaurant landscape in the world,” said Andy Schwartz, Founder of xtraCHEF. “The best decisions stem from accurate information and actionable insights. That’s what we provide for our customers.”