Our partnership with Toast was formed out of our shared dedication to provide restaurants with low-cost and affordable tools to offer data-driven insights that help them to succeed through difficult operating circumstances.

One of those tools from xtraCHEF is xtraCASH, the industry’s only no-cost invoice processing solution, which gives operators time and money back by eliminating the need for manual data entry from invoices.

Plus, our work with Buyers Edge Platform makes xtraCASH and xtraCHEF customers eligible for manufacturer rebates on food and disposable purchases, literally putting money back in the pockets of restaurant operators.

In that spirit, we’re excited to make another big announcement that we hinted at in our last product release blog!

Meet Sync!

Integrating point of sale (POS) and accounting systems is easier than ever with Sync. It’s our free integration for Toast and QuickBooks Online users that seamlessly sends data between the two platforms.

By using Sync, Toast customers can create daily sales journal entries in QuickBooks Online without manual data entry or intervention. Data is sent automatically and available in QuickBooks Online in 24 hours or less!

Eliminate the time and expense associated with other tools or manual methods to exchange data between the two platforms. Save time, money, and stress with Sync!

What to expect from Sync

Sync allows users to map sales data from Toast to QuickBooks Online exactly as it should appear in your General Ledger—all you have to do is map your sales categories once, and our AI-driven platform will assign the rest for future sales. The data can be delivered within 24 hours, but users get to choose the timing that works best for them!

Additionally, Sync supports various types of tender. Whether you have credit card transactions, cash, or gift cards to process, Sync recognizes them all! It also accounts for Toast processing fees, making your reconciliation faster and easier than ever.

The other Toast and QuickBooks Online integrations available are expensive and charge users based on the number of locations using their service. But not Sync! Sync is 100% free, no matter how many units are using it. Toast’s API fee is not a prerequisite for using Sync.

How to Get Started with Sync

Setting up Sync is easy! Here’s how:

  • Sign up using the form at the top right side of this page.
  • Add Sync to Toast Partner Connect. Follow these directions if you need help!
  • Map your Toast sales categories to the General Ledger codes in your QuickBooks Online account. The prompts in our product make this simple and straightforward, and it only needs to be done once.
  • After all sales categories are mapped, set it and forget it! Sync will automatically map all of your sales based off the information you provided.
  • Enjoy the money and time you’ve saved by using Sync!

What are you waiting for? Start Syncing today!