How does Sync work?

After a simple, one-time guided set-up process, sales data from Toast is mapped and posted to QuickBooks Online with no manual intervention. View category-level sales insights from Toast in QBO within one day. Just sign up, set up, & sync!

Looking for a complete picture of your restaurant’s finances? Add xtraCHEF’s back-of-house management platform to for unprecedented visibility into food costs.

Learn more about xtraCHEF’s Toast integration and xtraCHEF’s QuickBooks Online integration.

blankNo Fees, No Worries

Sync is not only FREE, but Toast will waive the $25/mo API Fee

blankMulti-location Support

Map to one or more locations or classes in QuickBooks

blankCategory Level Detail

Sync sales taxes by type & discounts by category

blankNext Day Delivery

Like Prime, we automatically deliver the data to QBO by the next day

blankImmediate Processing Fees

Toast’s processing fees are included in the sync speeding reconciliation

blankAll Types of Tender

All payment types are synced including cash, credit, gift cards, etc.

Learn More About xtraCHEF

From food cost intelligence to recipe and inventory management,
xtraCHEF gives your finance and operations team the tools to improve productivity and increase profits.

Learn more about how xtraCHEF can help you automate and streamline back-of-house operations.