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xtraCHEF is an automated invoice processing and cost management platform for the restaurant industry.

The steps are simple: use our app to simply snap a photo (or scan) an image of a vendor invoice, and let xtraCHEF do the rest. Our technology digitizes the entire invoice, reads the image line by line, and enables quick and easy export, integration, and analysis of your food cost data. This eliminates the financial burden of time-consuming, error-prone, and mundane, manual work performed by restaurant leaders, chefs, controllers, and accountants. GET THE APP

How xtraCHEF collects, manages, and interprets your data.


    Open app and use your mobile device to quickly take pictures of your invoices. Invoices are then cloud-based and stored through Amazon Web Services (AWS).

    Our intelligent data capture (iDC) engine learns and reads your now cloud-based invoice's content, converts it to exportable text and actionable data, and automatically assigns items to their respective General Ledger (GL) codes.

    Gain the real-time transparency and insight into your kitchen that you always wanted. Credits and returns, item tracking, COGS, spending per location — know your P&L everyday instead of monthly.

xtraCHEF packages a known technology in a unique architecture and provides an innovative Food+Tech solution that has simply never been this economically or technologically feasible. It disrupts an archaic process in dire need of updating.

  • "xtraCHEF has created a more efficient system of managing invoices and cost of goods. Analytical tools such as price change notifications, credit tracking, and itemized purchasing reports offer an insightful look into where money is being spent throughout the operation."
    – Chef Kevin Couch from GuestCounts Hospitality
  • "xtraCHEF allows me to digitally catalog invoices, and have access to them on my mobile phone at any of my kitchens. Also, xtraCHEF allows us to instantly compare vendor-pricing variances between locations and individual item price increases. My leverage and reaction time to each have increased exponentially."
    – Director of Purchasing Drew Kromm from Convene
  • "Ever since we started with xtraCHEF, our internal cost management processes have become more efficient. We now have access to real-time data on our purchases and costs, which has given us the ability to make real-time proactive-not-reactive decisions. It’s saving us a lot of money and labor hours throughout our six locations."
    – Mike Cerulli, Controller of The Meatball Shop

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