Success Stories

Success Stories

Our customers' success is our success. From franchises to corner cafes...from celebrity chefs to kitchen grinders, xtraCHEF delivers time-saving, cost-cutting value. Read below for some sample success stories.
"This service allows our team to streamline the administrative duties that are necessary, but often time-consuming, so our chefs can focus on what they do best – creating incredible culinary experiences for our guests."
ThinkFoodGroup selected xtraCHEF to eliminate manual data entry and coding of their invoices. Now, their purchase data is delivered directly and accurately to Compeat. They also enjoy the ability to mass export invoice images to satisfy audit requirements.
"We were experiencing challenges with having our store managers having to manually key data from paper invoices. xtraCHEF provided the solution we needed by eliminating any wasted time, errors and manual efforts of handling paper invoices."
&pizza chose to implement xtraCHEF in 23 of their existing locations. In addition to the time-savings and reduced errors, they also benefit from xtraCHEF’s partnership and integration with Restaurant365, &pizza’s restaurant management software. Store managers now simply take a photo or scan and upload the paper invoices, and their work is done. xtraCHEF then extracts
The Meatball Shop
"Ever since we started with xtraCHEF, our internal invoice/cost management processes have become more efficient. Our managers are better informed in a timely manner, and the corporate team doesn't have to manually key in data. We now have access to real‐time data on our purchases and costs, which has given us the ability to make real-time proactive-not-reactive decisions. It’s saving us a lot of money and labor hours throughout our six locations."
The Meatball Shop chose xtraCHEF to enhance efficiency and transparency in their many New York City locations and commissary kitchen. xtraCHEF digitizes vendor invoices through a proprietary smartphone camera technology. The user takes a picture of the paper invoice, then xtraCHEF’s iDC (Intelligent Data Capture) platform extracts and analyzes the data. Real-time insights are provided on
The Garces Group
"xtraCHEF provides us a scalable and efficient solution to manage the growth at Garces. Their team has been very responsive to our needs, and we look forward to working with XtraChef and deploying this solution across our group."
xtraCHEF helps to keep the team at Garces focused on the dining experience and provides management visibility into all of their locations.
"What used to take a couple of hours a day every day of the week, is now done once a week in 2 hours max."
After implementing xtraCHEF, ilili reduced their labor costs significantly and no longer suffers from manual data entry errors. Because xtraCHEF is so easy to use, anyone on their team can take a photo or scan an image of an invoice – giving the chef back all of the time formerly spent on paperwork. All invoices
Cook N Solo
"xtraCHEF is allowing us to manage our cost of goods in real-time and better than ever before. No other solution is capable of delivering price and value decisions as sales occur. They’ve changed the game, and I’m confident that we will be exponentially more efficient as a business because of xtraCHEF."
Michael Solomonov and Steven Cook of CookNSolo Restaurants selected xtraCHEF to streamline their back-of-house operations. The James Beard Award Winning partners in CookNSolo, Chef Michael Solomonov and Steven Cook, own one of the leading restaurant groups on the East Coast. As they work to expand the reach of their individual brands, they partnered with xtraCHEF for

The new standard in restaurant cost management.

  • Don't hate it. Automate it.

    Don't hate it. Automate it.

    No one likes data entry or paper pushin'
    Code invoice line-items in our system once...and that's it. Configure rules to review only the invoices you want to see. Accurate data delivered to accounting & inventory.
  • Analyze costs. Visualize profits.

    Analyze costs. Visualize profits.

    Improved visibility boosts your bottom-line
    Real-time visibility into food costs enable more informed purchase decisions, data-driven vendor negotiations & insight into how fluctuating prices impact the bottom line.
  • Connect the Kitchen & Bookkeeper

    Connect the Kitchen & Bookkeeper

    On-demand access to invoice images & data
    Secure, anywhere access and a powerful search engine make it easy to keep financial information flowing across the house, across locations or across the country.