Buyers Edge Platform offers:

Buying Power
Manufacturer Contracts
Locations Nationally
Eligible SKUs

Extra cash

Turn your purchases into cash back through our manufacturer rebate program, powered by Buyers Edge Platform.

Cutting-edge industry technology

Our invoice processing technology uses machine learning to match line-item purchase details to Buyers Edge Platform’s extensive list of products eligible for rebates.

Manufacturers you know and love

Earn rebates on over 165,000 items from more than 350 of the most common manufacturers in the foodservice industry.

Popular manufacturers for rebates

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate in rebates?

New xtraCHEF customers are able to opt in to rebates for free! No games, no gimmicks — just money back into your bank account.

How do I know if I qualify?

Do you run a foodservice establishment? Then you’re eligible to sign up! However, if you’re currently part of another GPO, you’ll need to terminate that agreement in order to opt in for our rebate program.

Do I need to disclose the manufacturer rebates I'm already earning?

You do. We’ll ask for information about those during your enrollment process.

What about contract pricing?

You don’t have to disclose your current contract pricing agreements with distributors, either!

How much cash back should I expect from rebates?

It varies! Your rebate check will depend on your purchasing behavior, like the products you buy, how much you buy, and from which manufacturers you buy. Unfortunately alcohol purchases are not eligible for rebates.

When can I expect to receive check from my rebates?

While xtraCHEF and Buyers Edge Platform will automatically start analyzing your invoices and processing your rebates, participants will be paid on a quarterly basis, receiving a check about 6 months after the end of a reporting quarter.

Extra Cash Without A Catch

Turn your purchases into cash back through our partnership with Buyers Edge Platform.

Manufacturer rebates are available for both xtraCHEF and xtraCASH customers. All you have to do to start earning is opt in.

Automatically Match to Eligible Rebates

xtraCHEF’s invoice processing technology uses machine learning to find purchases that match available rebates from our partner, Buyers Edge Platform.

There’s no need to manually match—we do the work for you.

Get Rebates from Major Manufacturers

You don’t have to change the products you buy to benefit from our manufacturer rebates. Our partnership with Buyers Edge Platform unlocks rebates from more than 350 different manufacturers.

Rebates from manufacturers like Unilever, Georgia-Pacific, Tyson, and Dole are ripe for the picking.

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