How We Work

Co-headquartered in NYC and Philadelphia, with team members across the country and around the world, everyone at xtraCHEF is aligned on our mission to empower the hospitality industry with data to drive profitability.

From the front-of-house to the back-of-house, many members of our team have first-hand experience working in restaurants. Not from the industry? Not a problem!

We’re also crazy about building great products, being a part of a great team, and eating great food!

You’ll be a good fit if you identify with our Core Values—Be Proactive, Deliver Value, Foster Trust, and Stay Committed—that drive our daily decisions and customer interactions. Everyone on our team works hard, and we expect that you will, too.

We take good care of our people here. You’ll enjoy team outings and virtual gatherings, all the xtraCHEF swag you can handle, and a 401(k) program with company match so you can prepare for the future.

Think you have something xtra to bring to our team? Check out our job openings below!

Our Core Values

Be Proactive

A chef is always three steps ahead of the guest: selecting fresh produce in the morning, preparing mise en place for the evening, scheming up a new special…proactivity is the name of the game. That’s why xtraCHEF is always thinking ahead for you, updating our product, and adding features to match your passion and enthusiasm for service.

Foster Trust

We don’t just walk the walk. We build relationships with our customers that last years. You’re pouring your passion into the food and service you provide, while we’re constantly building and improving our service offering to you. That two-way street builds an undeniable sense of trust that goes beyond software as a service.

Deliver Value

In this industry margins are everything. And it’s our job to help you maintain and improve those margins. That means we can’t be a burden – so at its core, xtraCHEF must always deliver extreme functionality at minimal cost to you. Our commitment to delivering value is what moves us beyond a service provider and more into the role of a true partner.

Stay Committed

Technology is always evolving, and we’re in it for the long-haul with our commitment to our product and our customers. We know your challenges aren’t going anywhere, and that this industry needs a reliable companion. We’re here for it, and we’re here for you no matter what the future holds.

Work with xtraCHEF

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