Getting Started with xtraCHEF

You signed up for xtraCHEF, now what?

This session will walk you through all the basics of getting your Organization up and running in xtraCHEF.

Topics include:

  • Setting Up Users
  • How to Upload Documents
  • GL Coding + Categorization
  • Handling Invoice Exceptions
  • Document Management + Exporting to your AP Platform

Recipe Management in xtraCHEF

xtraCHEF is a powerful tool that will allow your team to know the true costs of what you serve your guests!

This Webinar session will cover Recipe Management, including:

  • Individual Product Configuration Unit Review
  • How to Group different variations of the same product
  • Walkthru of building Prep + Full Recipes
  • Building Menus
  • Monitoring the Variance of your Recipe Costs

Inventory Management in xtraCHEF

xtraCHEF ‘s inventory management tool is as powerful as it is easy to use.

This Webinar session will cover Inventory Management, including:

  • Setting up Your Inventory Areas
  • Establish Inventory Count Schedule and Takers
  • Setting Up Count Sheets
  • Taking Inventory on Web + Mobile
  • Inventory Specific Reports

Analytics and Reporting in xtraCHEF

You have a ton of actionable data in your xtraCHEF account, so learn what it all means, and how to react appropriately!

This session will cover:

  • xtraCHEF Price Tracker + Close Watch items
  • Reviewing the Analytics module in xtraCHEF
  • An overview of the Various exportable reports.
  • Setting Up Daily and/or Weekly Email Reports
  • Configuring Declining Budgets
  • COGS Reporting and our Operating Summary Report