Restaurant AP automation software provides valuable details within your high-level general ledger coding

Restaurant AP Automation is our bread and butter.

We offer the restaurant industry’s most reliable and most accurate line-item recognition and extraction software.

xtraCHEF automatically digitizes, itemizes and categorizes line-item details from all of your payables, including:

  • handwritten/paper invoices
  • cable, utility, etc. bills
  • receipts
  • emails/pdfs
  • EDI
Logic-driven restaurant AP Automation software includes workflows for different levels of invoice approval prior to importing and payment or reconciliation

Invoice line-item details are our secret ingredient.

As you digitize invoices with xtraCHEF, you’re building a product catalog of every item you’ve ever purchased — tracking what you paid, from which vendor, and how the unit price changes over time.

Use this product catalog to build recipes, track ingredient price trends, manage your on-hand inventory value, and so much more.

The xtraCHEF by Toast AP automation app includes critical invoice processing and approval mechanisms

Restaurant AP Automation Features

Snap, scan, or email documents

Easily input documents into xtraCHEF in a way that aligns well with your current workflows

Automated line-item GL coding

Get line-item level GL coding and visibility without lifting a finger

Cloud-based document management

Store, access, and manage invoices, receipts, and vendor statements from anywhere, on any device with powerful search and discover feature

Invoice approval workflows

Keep your clients engaged and informed with configurable invoice approval rules to ensure everyone's on the same page about payments

Vendor statement reconciliation

Automatically reconcile periodic vendor statements against invoices and invoice amounts. Resolve discrepancies in a few clicks

xtraCHEF by Toast integrates with and into a wide range of restaurant accounting, inventory management, and many other platforms

Accounting and inventory management integrations

Export accurate, line-item details directly to third-party systems and access invoices from those systems with just a click.

Let's do this!

Don't hesitate to automate.

See why restaurants choose xtraCHEF to get it done and get it done right. Schedule some time with a Product Specialist.

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