Logic-driven restaurant AP Automation software includes workflows for different levels of invoice approval prior to importing and payment or reconciliation

Set A Time Period and See What’s Left

Manage your budget based on the reporting period that works best for you. Data is available for review by fiscal year, calendar year, quarter, month, and week.

As invoices are digitized, xtraCHEF automatically categorizes purchases and subtracts them from your set budget. You and your team can simply see how money’s getting managed—and what’s left to spend.

xtraCHEF by Toast restaurant budgeting software allows restaurant owners to set specific goals based on COGS metrics, increasing profits and improving cost controls

Establish Goals for Cost of Goods Sold

COGS tell you how much you’re spending to create culinary magic. Set specific goals for these expenses for better cost controls and larger profits.

Track your daily spending with ease using a restaurant budgeting software to better align with set budget goals

Get Daily Spending At A Glance

Employees at the helm of the hustle and bustle can see how they’re tracking against expectations with ease.

Just take a quick look at our Budget Health chef emoji to see if spending is on target or off track. Chef stays smiling when you’re meeting monetary goals.

Sync Up Daily Sales

Integrate xtraCHEF with your Point of Sale system to sync your daily sales and order data directly into xtraCHEF.

You’ll get more insight into budget performance with less data entry. It’s as simple as it sounds.

Let's do this!

Don't hesitate to automate.

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