Manage your budget based on your restaurant's reporting preferences through xtraCHEF's food costing software

Set A Time Period and See What’s Left

Manage your budget based on the reporting period that works best for you. Data is available for review by fiscal year, calendar year, quarter, month, and week.

As invoices are digitized, xtraCHEF automatically categorizes purchases and subtracts them from your set budget. You and your team can simply see how money’s getting managed—and what’s left to spend.

xtraCHEF by Toast drag-and-drop food costing software features a recipe builder interface and calculates menu price, gross margin, and prime cost

Easy to Build Recipes, Easier to Track Them

Scan invoices and xtraCHEF will build a product guide for you based on what you have in the kitchen. Use our drag-and-drop interface to build your recipes, and we’ll calculate the cost of your menu items—along with the cost of the labor it takes to make them!

Continue scanning invoices to see how the price of each plate changes with shifts in vendor food prices. Seamlessly swap in substitute ingredients when plate costs climb too high.

xtraCHEF by Toast's food costing software features a price tracking tool that allows you to keep vendors honest about pricing

Keep Vendors Honest with Price Tracking

Simply select a vendor, put items in your cart, and place your order. We’ll automatically send an email to a vendor rep of your choosing. The rep can then acknowledge receipt with just the click of a button.

Reference your last purchase prices, if you’d like, to make a point about what you expect to pay. Use our Price Tracker to make sure you never pay more than you want—or to get alerted when prices drop.

Success Stories

How Choice Market uses xtraCHEF to Control COGS

Choice Market is a new kind of convenience store offering both packaged goods and prepared foods. Learn more about how they use xtraCHEF to closely monitor price fluctuations of thousands of SKUs in order to control COGS.

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