xtraCHEF by Toast purchase order management software features a price tracker to make sure you never pay more than you want or to receive alerts when prices drop

Dispatch Directly to Vendors

Simply select a vendor, put items in your cart, and place your order. We’ll automatically send an email to a vendor rep of your choosing. The rep can then acknowledge receipt with just the click of a button.

Reference your last purchase prices, if you’d like, to make a point about what you expect to pay. Use our Price Tracker to make sure you never pay more than you want—or to get alerted when prices drop.

Restaurant AP automation software provides valuable details within your high-level general ledger coding

Streamline and Schedule Orders

Tired of building the same order week after week? Pull those products into an order guide to streamline the process of purchasing your most-used ingredients.

If it’s obvious exactly what your restaurant needs and when, schedule recurring orders directly on xtraCHEF! It’s one less thing for your team to build into their routine.

Track your daily spending with ease using a restaurant budgeting software to better align with set budget goals

Use Bids for Better Pricing

Force your vendors to compete. With xtraCHEF, you can upload vendor bid sheets and compare prices directly—no need to type them into a spreadsheet yourself.

Bid sheets can be used to build new order guides to cut down on even more procurement work for back office teams. Food costs become less expensive and more predictable for better budget planning.

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