Logic-driven restaurant AP Automation software includes workflows for different levels of invoice approval prior to importing and payment or reconciliation

Easy to Build, Easier to Track

Scan invoices and xtraCHEF will build a product guide for you based on what you have in the kitchen. Use our drag-and-drop interface to build your recipes, and we’ll calculate the cost of your menu items—along with the cost of the labor it takes to make them!

Continue scanning invoices to see how the price of each plate changes with shifts in vendor food prices. Seamlessly swap in substitute ingredients when plate costs climb too high.

Maintain consistency in your menus and margins using a cloud-based recipe management software

Accurate Recipes Across All Locations

Keep consistency in your menus and margins. Our cloud-based software ensures that every unit has access to the same recipes.

Your customers know that they can expect the same quality no matter where they dine. You know that you can expect the same profit from each plate.

xtraCHEF by Toast management software features a conversion calculation tool to meet your configuration preferences

Configure Calculations to What You Want

Ingredients can come in many different forms, package sizes, and weights when received from vendors.

No matter what unit of measurement you may need, we’ll make the conversion calculation for you. Time is saved and errors are eliminated.

Success Stories

Sidewall Pizza Company Uses xtraCHEF to Support Operational Excellence and Expansion

Sidewall Pizza Company uses xtraCHEF to automate accounts payable, keep track of inventory across locations, and manage recipes. Learn how they make inventory fun and use our software to support a bonus structure in this case study!

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