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Learn more about how xtraCHEF automatically integrates accurately coded invoice and purchase data with Jonas Club Software  – with no manual data entry.


What is Jonas Club Software?

Jonas Club Software is an Enterprise Management Systems for the club industry, such as country clubs. Their platform includes various features and functionality to serve the food and beverage operations for their club operators.


How does xtraCHEF integrate with Jonas Club Software?

xtraCHEF’s automated invoice processing feature digitizes your vendor invoices, bills, and receipts and automatically extracts line-item details, including item codes, description, quantity, unit of measure, pack size, and price. Once extracted, xtraCHEF formats and delivers accurate digitized invoice data directly to Jonas. Best of all, this information is already coded and available for import within 24 hours.

xtrachef-integration-jonas club software

How does xtraCHEF benefit club operators using Jonas Club Software?

Whether your restaurant manages accounting and bookkeeping in-house or works with an outsourced restaurant bookkeeping and accounting firm, implementing xtraCHEF can benefit your operations in several ways.

Streamline Accounts Payable (AP)

No more having to deal with paper invoices and manual data entry. Accurate line-item details are available within 24 hours. Easy reconcile order deliveries, short-pay vendors, manage credits, etc.

Apply Correct GL Codes Automatically

xtraCHEF allows you to apply a General Ledger (GL) code to a new item or vendor just once. Afterwards, xtraCHEF recognizes the item code or vendor and automatically applies the correct GL code.

Easy, Anytime Access to Documents

Search our cloud-based, digital invoice archive any time, from anywhere…from your desktop or your mobile device.

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