Use cutting-edge technology for free.

Our invoice digitization and recognition software uses machine learning to make sense of your purchasing habits and helps you to see where your money is being spent

Keep a close watch on your supply chain.

Easily manage the details of any product you’ve ever purchased from anyone, along wiht the price you paid and how it’s changing over time.

Earn extra cash back for your bank account.

With xtraCASH, you can turn your purchases into cash back through our manufacturer rebate program, powered by Buyers Edge Platform

Buyers Edge Platform offers:

Buying power
Manufacturer contracts
Locations nationally
Eligible line items

Additional Features

Cash Back Dashboard

Explore spending habits and vendors at a glance in our Cash Back Dashboard.

Digital Invoices

Digitize invoices to capture line-item details from printed paper.

Robust Analytics

Use reports and analytics to drive decisions with data and see where money is spent.

Price Tracker

Our Price Tracker automatically monitors item prices to audit and avoid vendor discrepancies.

Document Management

Store, search, and access digitized invoices from anywhere with our Document Management tool.

Purchasing and Ordering

Manage Purchasing and Ordering with ease on a simple, singular interface.

Product Catalogue

Find and manage details of all past purchases in the Product Catalog.

Vendor Management

Get fast access to all transactions from each vendor with our Vendor Management feature.

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