The world as we know it has changed. How exactly it will have changed once we fully emerge on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic is yet to be seen. However, we already know that the rise of take-out and delivery will limit front of house labor costs and other overhead expenses, placing an even greater emphasis on squeezing every last ounce of profit from your production.

At xtraCHEF, we believe that technology, especially in the back of house and back office, will play an ever-increasing role in the future of restaurant operations and uncovering new avenues for money and time savings. The Accounts Payable (AP) process is one of those operational areas in which technology can make a major difference.

AP for restaurants is notoriously difficult to manage, ridden with complications that arise from handling, organizing, and transporting paper from invoices that originate in a busy, messy back of house. But tools like xtraCHEF’s AP automation for restaurants gets rid of those pesky paper problems and helps you get ahead of the game.

Though we can’t get rid of all your bills, we can definitely decrease your stress level and, ultimately, your operating costs. Keep reading for four core reasons why AP automation is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have for restaurants of all sizes.

ap automation for restaurants customer success manager

Implementing AP automation is easy and contact-free

With a network of customers across the country, we want to be sure we can support all of them equally, no matter where they may be. That’s why xtraCHEF uses virtual onboarding: to ensure that all of our new customers get dedicated time with a Customer Success Representative.

As a cloud-based restaurant software, xtraCHEF can be implemented in your restaurant with no contact other than a few clicks and a video conference. All you need is about an hour of time and an internet connection. No matter where your restaurant or group is located, a member of the xtraCHEF team is always available to help you get up and running.

ap automation paper is old fashioned

The old-fashioned way is no longer workable

No restaurant can afford to do things the old-fashioned way anymore; it’s not sustainable. Blindly paying foodservice vendor bills without visibility into unit prices and storing paper in a Banker’s Box in the basement is inoperable and inefficient. If you aren’t considering how to optimize your restaurant operations right now, then unfortunately there might not be a business left for you to run.

To operate efficiently, update the outdated, arduous process of AP management to match today’s reality. xtraCHEF allows batch paper uploads via scans, photos, or emails, digitizing and storing each within our cloud.

Once invoices are captured, xtraCHEF applies optical character recognition (OCR) to digitize line-item detail and make each document searchable. You can then easily access, evaluate, and share expense information across your team and locations. Search and locate invoice and bill details by vendor, item purchased, amount and more. This makes reconciliation and audits easier than ever to navigate. Plus, we already support EDI exchange, so digital invoices can go straight from your vendors into xtraCHEF for analysis.

ap automation for restaurants work from home

AP work can be done at home or on the go

We are in awe of all of the people on the front lines who are fighting COVID-19. From healthcare workers who are putting their own safety on the line to help others, to cooks, chefs, and servers who are working to feed their communities, we are indebted to their service.

xtraCHEF always wants to make it as easy as possible for industry folks to operate. But now more than ever, it’s important to note that our cloud-based software can help you and your staff limit physical contact with paper while still getting AP tasks done.

Gone are the days of spending hours in the back office entering data from invoices in the restaurant’s old PC, or going to a storage location to dig through boxes full of unorganized papers. Just log in to xtraCHEF, and you can process, code, and approve invoices from wherever you may be—even if it’s on your couch with your phone. We offer apps on both the App Store and Google Play so you don’t need to be tethered to the restaurant to reconcile invoices, review inventory, or manage recipes.

ap automation integrates seamlessly

Seamlessly share information between FOH, BOH, and accounting

Don’t wait for a daily sales report or for your accountant to share last month’s P&L statement to know the financial health of your business. Instead, critical business details can be tracked in xtraCHEF.

We automatically integrate with other operations software to further eliminate manual data entry. We partner with some of the most common systems in the industry, like Toast and ChefTec, for a more complete and timely look at your COGS, budgets, and overall financial performance.

We also integrate with the most common core accounting systems, like QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, Intacct, and Xero, so your digitized invoices are available and accessible at GL or line-item levels.

Need more reasons to automate? We have plenty

Still not convinced that now is the time to implement AP automation in your restaurant? We think we can still change your mind. Check out our eBook, The Essential Guide to AP Automation for Restaurants, for a deep dive into how else automation can benefit your back of house and operational processes.

You can also request a demo of xtraCHEF at any time for a personalized look at exactly how our software can help you to save money and time, giving you more opportunity to focus on the aspects of your job that you love the most.