We are pleased to be an event sponsor for the 2018 BDO Restaurant CFO Bootcamp. Each year, BDO hosts restaurant CFOs, controllers, and other finance, tax, and accounting professionals from around the industry and around the country. The event consists of a series of speaking sessions highlighting topics most important to restaurant finance folks.

Some of the topics include:

  • Industry Outlook
  • Restaurant Industry-specific Tax Issues
  • Methods of Measuring Your ROI & Key Benchmarks for Company-wide and Store-level Performance
  • Restaurant Technology
  • Restaurant Finance Best Practices
  • Restaurant Accounting Issues & Reporting
  • Changing Employment Laws & Litigation in the Restaurant Industry

xtraCHEF is a BDO partner and a selected provider for BDODrive, the firm’s cloud-based solution for outsourced financial management, accounting services and business intelligence. xtraCHEF makes it easy for restaurant CFOs, controllers, bookkeepers, accountants, and chefs to track food costs, manage a budget, and maintain profits.

Our interactive food cost management reports and dashboards provide easy access for busy restaurant finance professionals who want insights into day-to-day financial operations but lack the time to dig into the details – especially when those details live in restaurant accountings systems, spreadsheets, or file cabinets. Just click, view, search, drill-down, and share.

For more information about the event, visit the 2018 BDO Restaurant CFO Bootcamp event website.

For more information about BDODrive, visit the BDODrive website.