Chicago-based Group implements xtraCHEF to reduce costs and support growth

Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen (Doc B’s) chooses xtraCHEF, an automated invoice processing and cost intelligence platform, to streamline restaurant accounting and cost management. Known for their fresh casual concept, the group currently operates 5 active locations in Illinois, Florida, and Texas with plans to open several more in those states.

“We are in the process of opening several additional Doc B’s locations. xtraCHEF gives us the ability to reduce our operating costs while also improving visibility into how we’re spending across each location – both essential to scaling our concept,” said Nicole Weinmeier, Corporate Controller for Doc B’s.

xtraCHEF gives Doc B’s the ability to simply take a photo or scan paper invoices. Recognition technology – backed by Quality Control Operators – accurately extracts and delivers line-item invoice data directly to Compeat – a restaurant accounting and inventory management software. In addition to eliminating manual invoice processing and data entry, xtraCHEF enables the growing restaurant group to gain visibility and deeper insights into how their money is being spent across all locations. This insight ultimately facilitates better spending and cost management measures.

“Restaurant accounting can be a tedious and time-consuming process, especially for growing restaurants groups that care about costs,” said Dayna Barringer, VP of Sales at xtraCHEF. “Nicole and her team immediately recognized the value of automation as they continue to scale and open new locations.”

With features such as invoice approval workflows, recurring COGS reporting, and integrations to accounting and inventory management systems, xtraCHEF provides restaurants streamlined accounting and business intelligence to make more informed spending decisions.

About xtraCHEF:
xtraCHEF is a cloud-based invoice processing and cost management platform built for the restaurant industry. Simply take a picture of your invoices with our mobile app (or scan and upload) and xtraCHEF digitizes the entire invoice, extracts line-item detail, and imports the data directly into your Accounting or Inventory Management System. We then provide a number of cost intelligence features, including COGS reporting and analytics that allow you to keep your food costs low and your quality of service high across one or more locations.

ABOUT Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen 
Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen is owned by Not Just Burgers, a restaurant group dedicated to genuine hospitality, craveable food and an atmosphere guests can’t wait to come back to.