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We’re delighted to see so many restaurants opening back up and starting to do sustainable numbers again. While it seems like the worst has passed from the pandemic, many things are not what they once were…especially food costs.

Higher produce costs. Higher dry goods prices. Higher packaging, linen, cleaning… You name it, and it probably costs more for restaurants than it did in 2019.

Maybe it levels out soon, maybe not. The only certainty is that we’re not going back to the way things were. It’s time to start living in this new restaurant reality and that means you must implement best practices to mitigate food costs wherever possible.

Fixing 5 Common Food Cost Management Fails

View our webinar, Fixing 5 Common Food Cost Management Fails, to learn why food costs matter so much and hear some actionable ideas to bring your food costs down.

We’ll cover key food costs concepts, such as prime cost and variances as well as what exactly you can take control of. And we’ll of course run through common food cost fails we see, including mistakes in working with vendors, mismanaging inventory, and not knowing your plate costs and margins.

And we’ll be sure to show you how xtraCHEF simplifies your food cost management, keeping profits in your pockets and putting hours back in your day.

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