Use line-item level invoice details to make better decisions for your restaurant's profitability

You may not believe it now, but restaurant invoices contain a treasure trove of insights to help you make better decisions. We’re talking inventory optimization, vendor management, recipe tracking, food cost control, and more.

Consistently unlocking these insights is more than you, your back office, and even your bookkeeper can do alone. That’s why our webinar dives into invoice processing automation and how the insights gleaned can fuel better decision making across your operation.

You can expect to learn:

  1. Exactly what insights are hidden within your invoices
  2. Tools and strategies to maximize the positive impact of these insights
  3. How xtraCHEF by Toast fuels your operation with critical financial and operational insights
Restaurant invoice processing automation eliminates the tedious process of paper invoice management.

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See how to go from invoice to insights, extracting all the valuable historical details from your vendor orders.