The Challange

Kobeyaki, a New York-based Japanese fast casual restaurant, was gaining traction and adding locations throughout the New York metro area. As the growing concept grew, they began to outgrow some of the systems that had gotten them to where they were.

They made the decision to migrate from QuickBooks to Compeat for their restaurante accounting software; however, the partners were spending a couple of hours each day manually keying purchase information into Compeat instead of focusing on how best to run their business.

There's a million and one things to do when you run a restaurant. Not having to spend several hours a week managing paperwork is a game-changer and allows me to focus on the other million things.

The Result

After making the migration from QuickBooks to Compeat, the team at Kobeyaki implemented xtraCHEF to eliminate data entry into Compeat and alleviate their leadership from having to manually review, code, and file paper invoices.

Because Kobeyaki uses Compeat’s restaurant inventory management module, they need to capture each and every line-item in order to keep their inventory accurate and up-to-date. With xtraCHEF, they simply scan their invoices and the invoice line-item details along with a link to the invoice image are delivered directly to both Compeat’s GL and Inventory Management modules. If they’ve created a Purchase Order in Compeat, the corresponding invoice will be matched to the open PO and any discrepancies will be flagged for reconciliation.

xtraCHEF saves them hours of unnecessary busy work every day and also reduces frequent coding and data entry errors. In addition to eliminating manual data entry, Kobeyaki has eliminated wasted time, effort and frustration and can stay focused on further growth.

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Success Stories

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