We’re excited to announce the third release of this 2018 – Release v5.8!

One of the features that we’re most excited about is the ability for users to receive a daily update email listing the actions that they need to take on their account.

Other features include – the access of budgets for Restaurant Managers, filter the products by vendors in Price Tracker, mark default category for vendor in map inventory, re-extract invoices from search screen, see the sync failure reason in the web connector sync email. The release also has some back-end performance improvements and a few bug fixes.

We hope you will like it!

Our customers can always write to us at support@xtrachef.com with your feedback or if you think we missed something.

Here’s a snapshot of what we delivered in this release:

  • GET daily update email showing the actions that needs to be performed by you on the account
    • Users can choose to get a daily status update email which will list all the actionable items pending for you account. The items include:
      • Exceptions
      • Inventory items waiting to be mapped
      • Products waiting to be verified
      • Invoices waiting for approval
      • Invoices waiting for Cost Center approval
  • ACCESS granted to Restaurant Managers for declining budgets
  • FILTER the products by vendors in Price Tracker
    • Users now has a vendor filter in the Price Tracker which allows to see the products only for a specific vendor.
  • MARK default category for vendor in map inventory
    • In the map inventory screen, the user now has an option to mark default category for a vendor in the Map Inventory screen.
  • RE-EXTRACT invoices from search screen
    • Users can now choose to re-extract an invoice from the invoice search screen itself. A new icon is available for re-extraction
  • SEE the sync failure reason in the Web Connector sync email
    • Users can now see the error message right in the web connector sync email. As a result, there is no need to go to Extract Monitor and look for failure reasons.

As always, you can find more documentation in the Wiki.