Exciting new features in xtraCHEF by Toast 10.5

We’re excited to share our latest xtraCHEF by Toast product release with you. The main takeaways from our 10.5 update include:

  • Added flexibility for businesses using commissaries and centralized kitchens
  • Enhanced mapping and insights for recipe management

Increased capabilities for commissaries & central kitchens

We’ve enhanced the capabilities for central kitchens and commissaries to get the most from xtraCHEF.

Users can now designate specific locations as centralized kitchens. Once assigned, other locations can place internal orders to the central kitchen—distributing packaged and prepared commissary foods.

These new internal orders can be placed using order guides, which can be shared amongst locations. Internal order guides are packed with customizations, configurations, and other order management features.

For example, users can set static, universal prices for individual products, product groups, and prep recipes within internal order guides. At the same time, ordering locations can override product unit prices to account for the specific nuances of their location.

More insights into recipe mapping

We’ve enhanced the usability for our recipe management tool.

Many of our premium users take advantage of xtraCHEF’s recipe management capabilities for menu item and prep recipes.

As is often the case, the final products on the plate are just a portion of a much larger batch of product—making it a challenge to calculate plate costs.

Updates in v10.5 now make it easier for users to see all recipes that include a specific contributing prep recipe. A simple catalog embedded within prep recipes highlights where else they are being used.

As food costs continue to climb, this update makes it easier to see how increases in costs of a prep recipe impact the profitability of your menu items.

And more…

We’ve also made additional updates, including:

  • Enabling users to map recipes to their menu directly from the recipe dashboard
  • Adding a column for “Product group” (i.e. dairy, meats, vegetables) to product catalog exports
  • Optimized viewing for invoices and other processed document

Please keep an eye out for in-app messaging while using the platform. You’ll see prompts to learn more about these v10.5 changes.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your account reps with any questions. We’re here to help!

Let xtraCHEF do your dirty work.

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