We’re excited to share our first product release with you since becoming xtraCHEF by Toast.

The main takeaways from our 10.3 update are:

  • Inventory scheduling is more customizable
  • Product options in the recipe module are more dynamic
  • Product names are now customizable

Inventory scheduling is more customizable

You now have more dynamic inventory scheduling.

We’ve added the ability to regularly schedule inventory at the end of your accounting cycle. This will ensure you’ve got up to date quantities and values as you look back on that cycle’s performance and look ahead to project the next cycle.

You can also now use our ad-hoc inventory to schedule inventory counts whenever you need them done — ensuring your staff stays on task and you have accurate counts whenever necessary.

Product options in the recipe module are more dynamic

With v10.3, you now have easier access to menu item modifiers. This will help you monitor costs from modifiers that add up over time.

We’ve made it easy to download individual recipes, including customizable details such as costs. You can also now factor yield into your prep recipes to account for your bulk preparations.

Product names now customizable

The new ability to customize your product names will help you stay organized and introduce whatever naming conventions you need into your product catalog.

For example, say you feature chicken thighs across your menu. If the vendor lists chicken thighs as “chicken leg meat,” that’s not going to be user-friendly nor conducive to recipe building and inventory. Now you can assign a custom name so that “chicken leg meat” is understood as “chicken thighs.”

And more…

We’ve also made additional updates, including:

  • Any approver can now edit category mapping when reviewing invoice approvals
  • Refined mapping and alignment capabilities to QuickBooks Online and Sage Intacct
  • Various Sync changes to improve overall experience

***Here’s the process for taking a deep dive into these changes***

  1. Log into your xtraCHEF account
  2. Go to the question mark at the top right corner & click on Knowledge Base
  3. Find and click on the Announcement folder in the navigation tab (far-left screen) or the Announcements icon (middle of screen)
  4. Select “xtraCHEF Release Announcement (v10.3)”

It is crucial that you’re logged into the platform to be able to navigate through the knowledge base.

Please also keep an eye out for in-app messaging while using the platform. You’ll see prompts to learn more about these v10.3 changes.

And don’t hesitate to reach out to your account reps with any questions.