Exciting new features in xtraCHEF by Toast 10.4

We’re excited to share our next product release with you. The main takeaways from our 10.4 update include:

  • You have a new report, Inventory by COGS, that shows the dollar value of inventory items categorized by COGS groups, filterable by area and count list.
  • Recipe Variance Analysis features a drill down to individual ingredients and their impact on prime costs, broken out by food & labor cost.
  • The cart function in Order > Cart is now more flexible with the ability to save order(s) in a cart and publish to the vendor(s) when ready.

Brand new report, Inventory by COGS

A new inventory report, Inventory by COGS, highlights the dollar value of inventory items categorized by COGS groups. The report is filterable by inventory area and specific count lists.

The benefit of this report is the ability to quickly see how much inventory value you have in your main COGS groups.

Along with this new report, other inventory updates include copying your prep recipes whenever you copy your count list from the same destination location.

Ingredient drill down in Recipe Variance Analysis

Recipe Variance Analysis report previously only examined recipe prime costs. Now you’ll be able to see each recipe’s prime cost broken out by COGS and labor.

This is critical as COGS and labor are a few of your only controllable costs (along with some operating costs.)

As you know, your restaurant prime costs are made up of your labor costs and COGS (the cost of ingredients used by a restaurant over a certain period to create the menu items being sold—factoring in waste, theft, shrinkage, and more.)

The ability to see if COGS or labor is driving up the prime cost for a recipe allows you to cut cost and foster greater profitability.

Along with breaking out prime cost, other recipe updates include more easily adjusted menu prices.

You can now edit the menu price in order to calculate the gross margins (applicable only for recipes which are not mapped to your Toast menu.)

Cart is more dynamic for vendor orders

The Order module is now more dynamic, featuring the ability to save order(s) in a cart and publish to the vendor(s) when ready.

This updated Order > Cart functionality works for items across multiple vendors. The update also shows items added/saved in the cart as a count so you can easily see quantities.

And more…

We’ve also made additional updates, including:

  • Ability to import payment methods from QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop
  • Ability to set up approval rules based on product(s)
  • Users can now choose more than 30 days for AvT and Depleting Inventory reports
  • Various usability enhancements in Product Catalog & Exceptions
  • Hyperlinks to different modules available from Invoice Search listing

Please keep an eye out for in-app messaging while using the platform. You’ll see prompts to learn more about these v10.4 changes.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your account reps with any questions. We’re here to help!