xtraCHEF is excited to announce the launch of our latest tool, Recipe Management for back of house operations. Powered by invoice data, our Recipe Management software provides automatically accurate plate costs in an intuitive, easy-to-use format.

Recipe management in restaurants is notoriously difficult, riddled with human error from data entry and conversion calculations. It usually is only done once, when an item is new to a menu. But recipe management software eliminates human error from the equation while tracking plate costs in real time.

xtraCHEF’s recipe management software goes a step further to make the act of plate costing easier than ever. Individual ingredients that have been uploaded with our best-in-class AP Management tool are included in our drag and drop interface, so prep and plate recipes are built seamlessly.

recipe management software

Invoice data is also used to automatically update plate costs due to fluctuations in ingredient prices due to seasonality or vendor rates, so restaurant operators always know exactly how much margin is made on each plate. Plus, our recipe management software factors in prime and packaging costs.

“Controlling food costs is always top of mind, especially in large operations like ours,” said Dan Catinella, Director of Business Operations for Crown Shy, a renowned restaurant by the team at J2K.

“xtraCHEF’s recipe management software allows us to look at our true costs in a way we have never been able to before. It not only allows us to control costs and waste much more easily and effectively, but it allows us to be proactive with menu engineering and purchasing.”

To learn more about our Recipe Management software release, read the full press release here. You may also request a demo of xtraCHEF at any time to see how implementing our platform would look at your restaurant. We look forward to sharing this solution with you!