xtraCHEF is a sponsor of Scaling New Heights 2019, an internationally-renowned, in-depth training conference for accountants, bookkeepers and other small business advisors.

This year’s theme of the annual event is the “Transformative Advisor.” The meaning behind the concept of the Transformative Advisor is to go beyond being a “trusted advisor” for your clients, but instead you must be a “transformative advisor” and facilitate “active trust” with your bookkeeping clients.

Here’s how Joe Woodard, CEO of Woodard Events, puts it:

“We call active trusted advisory ‘transformation advisory,’ and we define transformation as an increase in wealth, where that wealth is often financial, but could focus on less literal forms of wealth like the company’s reputation (i.e. brand), culture, infrastructure, technology, scalability, etc. And, transformation work can also benefit the business owner directly through peace of mind, work/life harmonization, and enhanced leadership skills.

Accountants are perfectly positioned to be agents of business transformation, and businesses desperately need someone to play this role. So, we created a slate of resources to equip accountants to be transformative advisors.”

Visit xtraCHEF at Booth #6!

Please find us at Booth #6 to learn more about how you can be a transformative advisor to your restaurant clients.

Sunday, June 16th – Wednesday, June 19th


Salt Palace Convention Center
Salt Lake City, UT

For more information or to view the full conference schedule including exhibit floor hours, click here.

We hope you’ll come see us!

Don’t Miss…

Our good friend and customer, Kristen Nies Ciraldo, is presenting a session at Scaling New Heights. Kristen previously authored a blog post on 5 Ways to Transform Your Restaurant Bookkeeping Services.

Learn more about Kristen’s session below. CPE credits available.


Kristen Nies Ciraldo Scaling New Heights Presentation

Date: Tuesday 6/18
Time: 1:30pm MDT

What if I told you there was a population hungry for what you’re being encouraged to offer: Advisory, Value Pricing, Niche Services? And what if you knew that client base was actually used to paying more for accounting and bookkeeping? Food & Beverage is starving for great financial services! You’ll leave this session with three things you can do NOW to make your current restaurant and bar clients happier, healthier, and more profitable for you. But you’ll also gain insights into how to expand your offerings, and tap into and serve this industry on a larger and more lucrative scale.

Learning Objectives:

  • List the specific advantages (and disadvantages) of serving the F&B Industry
  • Describe pain points typically experienced by food and beverage owners in interactions with financial services professionals and ways to capitalize on them
  • Identify opportunities technology affords to streamline the life of the business owner and how that impacts the client relationship
  • Incorporate industry specific concerns and requirements into a standardized reporting framework
  • Create specific set-ups and customizations in your chosen accounting software that yield improved results for you and your F&B clients.

More info here.

Be Transformative for Your Restaurant Bookkeeping Clients

We recently partnered with the folks at Insightful Accountant who help organize and promote Scaling New Heights 2019 to host a webinar on how restaurant bookkeepers and accountants can go beyond bookkeeping for the restaurant clients. The tips and tricks in this webinar can help restaurant bookkeepers and accountants be “transformative advisors” for their clients.

Check out the webinar here.