In almost every industry, top-performing businesses incentivize employees to act more like owners. The thinking is simple: When pay is tied to performance, people are more strongly aligned to the company’s overall goals and more accountable for their own performance. The right incentives prompt employees to act entrepreneurially, leading them to go the extra mile to help the organization succeed.

When restaurants incentivize employees to act like owners, they’re more engaged and perform at a higher level. Want your chef to create a delicious, innovative new menu item? Want your manager to promote your restaurant to her Instagram followers? Give them bonuses. In fact, 67% of restaurant employees would like to receive paid bonuses as recognition for a job well done. Still, some restaurant operators may not see the benefits of bonuses and think they’re simply too generous.

In our eBook, How to Structure Bonuses at Restaurants, we’ll make the case for why a bonus structure is the right decision for your restaurant and provide you with thought-starters on how you can decide what to base bonuses on.

We also give you guidance for which members of your staff should qualify, and sample bonus structures based off of the metrics most important for your restaurant.

Download our eBook now to learn about the benefits of bonus structures for restaurants so you can start rewarding your staff — and reaping the benefits for your business.

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