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It just feels right to start with the obligatory “hello, world” post to introduce ourselves.

What is xtraCHEF?

xtraCHEF is an automated financial and operational management tool built specifically for the restaurant industry.

Each year, restaurants receive and manually process over two billion paper invoices – a time-consuming, error-prone, and low-value task often performed by highly compensated knowledge workers – chefs, general managers, and accountants. xtraCHEF relieves restaurants, caterers, food service establishments of all types of this burden by allowing users to simply take a picture of an invoice with our mobile app (or scan and upload in batch). Let xtraCHEF do the heavy lifting.

xtraCHEF not only helps save you time and money by eliminating manual accounting and inventory management tasks, but we simplify restaurant food cost analysis and provides valuable business and operational insights to improve purchase decisions.

xtraCHEF is an automated invoice processing and cost management platform.How does it work?

We digitize and archive your invoices, extract the line-item detail from those invoices, and return the data in a timely manner and in a format that is easy to view, analyze, and share.

Our technology digitizes the paper invoice, stores the image in our searchable, cloud-based document management platform, extracts line-item details, and delivers the data directly to accounting and inventory systems, such as Quickbooks, Compeat, Restaurant365, Great Plains and CTUIT. Our document archive provides powerful search features, and our robust cost management reports and dashboards empower operators with real-time visibility into food costs across locations, products, categories, and vendors. This visibility enables more informed purchase decisions, data-driven vendor negotiations, and greater insight into how fluctuating prices impact the bottom line.

No more wasted time, money, and resources on pushing paper and keying in purchase data. Instead, our customers can focus on what successful restaurants do – delivering exceptional dining experiences.

Features include:

  • Elimination of Manual Data Entry & GL Coding of Purchases – Timely and accurate PO & Non-PO Invoice Processing
  • Automatic PO Reconciliation – Automatically match open POs against paper invoices
  • Cloud-based Document Management – On-demand access to invoices & credit memos with powerful search features such as by item, amount, etc
  • Payment Approval Queue – Ability to require review before approving payment
  • Cost Management Data & Analytics – COGS reporting, spending by category, and item price tracking are visible in real-time
  • Accounting & Inventory Management Integration – Including Quickbooks, Compeat, Restaurant365, and others
  • Mobile and Desktop Accessibility – Manage costs when, where, and how is most convenient for you.

Get Started

If you’re ready to get started, the best way to do so is by seeing the solution in action. Request a demo, and we’ll be in touch to let you and your team see for yourself how easy it is to start saving today.