We’re pleased to announce a number of exciting new features – including enhancements to our new ordering module including mobile ordering functionality and vendor statement reconciliation.

xtraCHEF Product Release v6.2 Update

Join us for a webinar highlighting a number of new features that we delivered in our most recent release.

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We’ll touch on a number of new enhancements and will focus on the following two features.

Ordering in xtraCHEF

We’ve made enhancements to our Ordering module including the ability to import Vendor Bid Sheets and convert into an Order Guide.

We’ve also added Mobile Ordering!

Users will have the ability to place orders via a mobile device on the xtraCHEF app. This will enable the location-level users to place orders from anywhere.

Statement Reconciliation

User now have the ability to upload periodic vendor statements and automatically reconcile the statements against invoices in xtraCHEF.

In our latest release, we’ve added the ability for users to e-mail the vendor directly from the Statement Reconciliation screen when an invoice is missing or incorrect information is found on the statement. Any notes entered by the user will also be included in the e-mail to their vendor sales rep.

Users will also be able to upload multiple vendor statements in a single PDF and xtraCHEF will automatically reconcile each statement independently.

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