Choosing a restaurant name is both an art and a science. Your name should evoke your restaurant’s brand and personality, while being descriptive of your food. Most importantly, your name should be memorable and unique to make sure that customers are able to find you.

It’s important to choose wisely since your name is often the first touchpoint with your guests.

But don’t be afraid to have a little fun and get cute with your restaurant name.

In that spirit, the xtraCHEF team has rounded up some of our favorite restaurant names that made us laugh, think, or that we just couldn’t get out of our heads.

Loyd Have Mercy

Loyd Have Mercy serves up southern food and barbecue in Titusville, Florida. From the man himself “Our name was originated one night over dinner while family was in town, Dr. Loyd was frying fish from a fishing trip with his brother. After the food was prepared and bellies were full his brother said, “mmmmm Loyd have mercy that was good.” Dr. Loyd’s wife looked up and said, “that would be a good name for your restaurant.” Viola the name “Loyd Have Mercy” was born.”


The Beet Box

The Beet Box is a Richmond, Virginia juicery where “urban culture intersects with healthy living.” Its name is equal parts clever and descriptive, evoking the brand while giving customers information about the healthy food that it serves.


Beautiful Rind

Beautiful Rind is a specialty cheese shop based in Chicago. Its name pays tribute to the cheese rind which “showcases the life of the cheese and all the love that went into its delicious creation” while giving a nod to Hollywood.


Nothing Bundt Cakes

This is a name that calls it like it sees it! Nothing Bundt Cakes is a nationwide brand that serves, you guessed it, bundt cakes.


Holy Schnitzel

This Staten Island-based chain was founded by two siblings who were inspired to serve tasty and creative Kosher fast food. Holy Schnitzel has fully committed to their brand name, offering apparel and even calling their locations tool the “Holy Finder.”


Wing It On

Wing It On is both a name and challenge, very fitting for this Nashville brand whose goal is “to resurrect the buffalo wing from the ashes of mediocrity.”  A great mix of descriptive and irreverent, we would not want to mess with these guys.


Muffin Can Stop Us

Glendale, California’s preeminent English muffin purveyor, Muffin Can Stop Us, maintains a fun, whimsical brand in keeping with their punny name.


Sooo Trucking Delicious

Irreverent, but descriptive Sooo Trucking Delicious is a food truck based in Philadelphia that serves up soul food.



Food trucks have mastered the punny name and AwwShucks in Lafayette, Louisiana is no exception.


Wake n’ Bacon

Wake n’ Bacon may very well take the cake for the best use of a pun to EXACTLY describe the food that they serve. This Chicago-based restaurant serves CBD-infused breakfast and brunch. From their website, “Afterall, we are Wake ‘n Bacon at 420 and we aim “high” to deliver you an exceptional experience.”


xtraCOOKS (in the Kitchen)

Inspired by these clever names, xtraCHEF has decided to rebrand as xtraCOOKS (in the Kitchen). Our software helps you run your restaurant more efficiently, providing the value of several additional employees.

If you’re struggling to strike the right balance with your restaurant’s name, we suggest checking out this hipster name generator.