California-based BBQ & Grill adds xtraCHEF to complete streamlining their entire AP operation

Wood Ranch Grill selects xtraCHEF, an automated accounts payable and cost intelligence platform, to automate invoice processing of across all 16 of their locations. While Wood Ranch leverages EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) with several of their vendors, they were still required to manually process approximately 25% of their invoice volume.

“xtraCHEF was the right fit to make the complete transition to invoice automation,” said Jean-Pierre Mouren-Laurens, Controller at Wood Ranch Grill. “We had already implemented an electronic invoice data interface with our large food and alcohol vendors; however, we struggled to manage the remaining vendors who lack those capabilities. It was clear we had a higher error rate and less efficiency with manually processed invoices. xtraCHEF provides us with the ability to bridge that gap, eliminate data entry errors, and shorten processing time. In addition, we were happy with the seamless onboarding process and continue to be pleased with their responsiveness and user support.”

xtraCHEF will integrate the invoice data into Compeat, Wood Ranch’s Restaurant Management Software, for a seamless accounts payable workflow. In addition to streamlining the process of capturing and accessing header-level and line-item detail from the vendor invoices in a timely manner, xtraCHEF enables Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill to gain visibility into how they are spending across all locations ultimately leading to better management of each restaurant’s food costs.

“We recognized that Wood Ranch Grill was extremely streamlined in their operations, and that our system would take it one step further, eliminating the entire manual data entry process for the remainder of their paper invoices,” said Dayna Barringer, Director of Sales at xtraCHEF. “Wood Ranch Grill recognizes the need to use technology to make their operations more seamless, and this makes them a perfect client to work with.

With features such as invoice approval workflows, price tracking, recurring COGS reporting, and integrations to accounting and inventory management integrations, xtraCHEF provides restaurants with food cost intelligence to make more informed spending decisions.

About xtraCHEF:
xtraCHEF is a cloud-based invoice processing application to help the hospitality industry better manage costs. You simply take a picture of your invoices with our mobile app (or scan and upload) and xtraCHEF digitizes the entire invoice, extracts line-item detail, and imports the data directly into your Accounting or Inventory Management System. We then provide a number of cost intelligence features, including COGS reporting and analytics that allow you to keep your food costs low and your quality of service high across one or more locations.

About Wood Ranch Grill & BBQ:
In 1992, Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill opened in Moorpark, CA. The restaurant, relatively small by today’s standards, became a great success in serving a community starving for good food and someplace to relax. Today, there are 16 Wood Ranch restaurants serving Southern California. Wood Ranch’s award-winning restaurants feature “The Food That Makes America Great!®” – a menu of high-quality, savory signature dishes such as: Premium American Babyback Pork Ribs, Certified Angus Beef® steaks and burgers, USDA Choice tri-tip roasts, fresh fish, chicken, and a nationally-recognized Kids’ Menu. Wood Ranch also offers a broad selection of innovative, healthy, and beautifully presented salads, appetizers, and homemade desserts, as well as full bar service.