Explain your role at xtraCHEF. 

As a Product Specialist I split my time across multiple departments, helping to develop new product features, enhancing the existing ones, and onboarding and training customers to use them efficiently.

What did you do before you came xtraCHEF?

I worked in restaurant finance and operations for 15 years prior to working with xtraCHEF. I was even once an xtraCHEF customer!

What do you love about xtraCHEF?

It works! As a former customer and current Product Specialist I can testify that this is actually a tool that works for the industry and not the other way around. Finding a single tool to streamline FOH, BOH, and Back Office processes can be extremely difficult. Too many systems is messy and tedious. I love that with xtraCHEF you only need one tool.

Why are you passionate about the restaurant industry?

Dining out is something almost everyone can agree on. It brings people together for one common goal: Food! I love being surrounded with the creativity of this ever-evolving industry. There’s always new places to try, new methods, new neighborhoods popping up as food destinations. It’s a lifestyle I love to be a part of.

What do you do when you’re not working?

Supporting the industry! Frequenting local bars & restaurants. I’m always looking for more dog-friendly spots. I love being able to meet up with friends at places our dogs are welcome too.

What’s your best WFH tip?

If possible, separate your work and play space. Having a dedicated work space and sticking to the same schedule you’d adhere to as you would in-office really helps maintain balance.

What’s your favorite quarantine hobby/show/book/etc.?

Trying new recipes has been really fun. Eating the entire batch alone is not so much fun. Advice: Drop off baked items to friends’ doorsteps nearby to share the calories!