Explain your role at xtraCHEF.

I’m responsible for supporting inquiries any client, vendor, or third-party partner may request. Working across many departments, I ensure that problems are solved quickly.

What do you love about xtraCHEF?

I love how xtraCHEF’s slick, user-friendly platform is designed to empower our clients through data analytics. There’s a special feeling I get when I walk a client through an issue on their xtraCHEF account, and they have that classic “Oh wow!” moment when they realize the amazing insights they can mine just by scanning invoices.

As part of the support team, it’s exciting to watch my suggestions and user stories make their way through engineering, development, deployment, and ultimately utilization by all of our clients. I feel I put the reins back in the hands of the restaurant with a 30,000 foot view of costs and spending. I’m a frugal guy so helping businesses save money and understand finances down to a molecular level is pretty rewarding.

What do you do outside of work?

I enjoy biking around the city, whipping up dinner with my fiancée, discovering new Philly breweries with friends, and dabbling in long-form improv comedy around the city.