Explain your role at xtraCHEF.   

I’m the Product Director at xtraCHEF. My job is to work with customers to define workflows and improve processes while giving them the insights they need to run successful businesses.

What did you do before you came xtraCHEF? 

I worked for 10 years designing decision support tools for physicians to achieve better outcomes for their patients

What do you love about xtraCHEF? 

I love that I’m able to combine my software experience with my knowledge of restaurants to solve real problems that our customers face every day.

Why are you passionate about the restaurant industry? 

I have always had a passion for cooking and I actually attended culinary school.  My partner is also an Executive Chef so the restaurant industry is a huge part of my life.

What do you do when you’re not working?

I play with my puppies (see pic below!), moonlight as a pastry chef for my partner’s restaurant, practice yoga, and spend time with my family.