You work too hard to not maximize your profits...

Now more than ever, the restaurant industry is under pressure to do more with less.

You need greater insight into your operation and finances so you can make more informed decisions—which means you need the proper tools in place to identify these insights.

This starts with invoice management. Your invoices hold the critical details you need to properly track your costs and optimize spend across your operation.

xtraCHEF by Toast provides restaurant-specific invoice processing automation that extracts critical details from each invoice. Our platform highlights what you’re spending your hard-earned cash on and who you’re spending it with.

Restaurant operator using AP automation software to scan and digitize a paper invoice
Automated, Accurate & Easy

Our Invoice Processing Automation software is built specifically for restaurants

We combine machine learning technology with highly trained, quality control operators to take data entry & paperwork off your plate – without sacrificing timeliness, accuracy or oversight.

Restaurant AP automation software provides valuable details within your high-level general ledger coding
Built specifically for restaurants!

Invoice Processing Automation is our bread and butter

We offer the restaurant industry’s most reliable and most accurate line-item recognition and extraction software.

xtraCHEF by Toast automatically digitizes, itemizes and categorizes line-item details from all of your payables, including:

  • handwritten/paper invoices
  • cable, utility, etc. bills
  • receipts
  • emails/pdfs
  • EDI
Logic-driven restaurant AP Automation software includes workflows for different levels of invoice approval prior to importing and payment or reconciliation
Turning invoice details into actionable insight

Invoice line-item details are our secret ingredient.

As you digitize invoices with xtraCHEF, you’re building a product catalog of every item you’ve ever purchased — tracking what you paid, from which vendor, and how the unit price changes over time.

Use this product catalog to build recipes, track ingredient price trends, manage your on-hand inventory value, and so much more.

Let xtraCHEF do your dirty work.

See how our platform sets restaurants of all sizes and service levels up for success by scheduling a demo with a Product Specialist.

xtraCHEF by Toast & Toast are better together

In-depth reporting powered by combining our two platforms

Actual v. Theoretical Variance Reporting

Integrate sales & PMIX data into xtraCHEF in order to analyze Actual vs. Theoretical variances - automatically accounting for purchases & waste

Product Mix (PMIX) Margin Report

Monitor the variance between anticipated versus actual margins based on daily sales, discounts, etc.

Depleting Inventory & Par Level Reporting

Map menu items & modifiers in Toast to recipes and recipe modifiers in xtraCHEF to automatically calculate theoretical consumption and par ordering quantities

Operating Summary Report

Gives a daily snapshot of financial performance to monitor KPIs and make adjustments in real time.

Declining Budgets

Unleash the power of budgeting to hit your targets, forecast sales, and increase your cash flow.

Unit Comparison Dashboard

Compare performance across locations based on COGS, Category Food Costs, and GL codes.

Food Cost Weekly Dashboard

Drill down into weekly food cost ratios across categories from a percentage of sales, all the way down to purchase details and invoice images.

Not ready for a demo but interested in learning more?

Checkout the recording of our recent webinar, From Invoice to Insights.

Learn about all the valuable insights waiting to be unlocked in your invoices. And see how invoice processing automation helps you control your spend and optimize profitability!

Learn how to get from invoice to insights

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