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What is xtraCHEF?

xtraCHEF is an automated accounts payable processing & cost management platform built for the restaurant industry to help restaurants save time and money.

How does xtraCHEF
integrate with Toast?

xtraCHEF syncs daily sales data from Toast’s POS system to enable real-time purchase and price trend analysis against daily sales data in Toast – by category and across locations.

xtraCHEF is designed to automate data entry, a time-consuming and error-prone task required by chefs, general managers, and/or restaurant accountants to monitor and manage their payables and profitability.

xtrachef-analytics-declining budget

Manage Your Food Costs & Watch Profits Grow

We help eliminate manual accounting and inventory management tasks, automate food cost analysis, and improve purchase decisions so you can keep kitchen staff, managers & bookkeepers off of keyboards with xtraCHEF.



“xtraCHEF’s seamless integration with Toast provides our teams with deeper, daily insights into our Cost-of-Goods-Sold (COGS). It allows us to keep our Coach Operators on the floor delighting our guests instead of entering data manually."

How does xtraCHEF’s Toast POS Integration benefit users?

By automatically syncing daily sales data with purchase data in xtraCHEF, users will be able to more closely monitor food costs without the burden of data entry.

Declining Budgets

Unleash the power of budgeting to stabilize your costs as well as increase your cash flow.

Food Cost Weekly Dashboard

Drill down into weekly food cost ratios across categories from a percentage of sales all the way down to the purchase details and invoice image View food cost ratios by category as a percentage of total sales across time and for each location.

Unit Comparison Dashboard

Compare performance across locations based on COGS, Category Food Costs, and GL.

COGS Analysis

With daily sales syncing automatically from Toast & purchase details captured by xtraCHEF, all you need to do is enter beginning & ending inventory in order to know your true Cost-of-Goods-Sold (COGS) in real-time.