Find a Way LLC

Find a Way LLC

The challenge

Find A Way LLC, a restaurant consulting and accounting firm based in New York City, is quite familiar with the challenges and complexities that confront restaurants of all sizes. In fact, their business is built on helping restaurant operators streamline back-office functions, better manage their books, and, ultimately, grow.

In order to best serve their clients and provide their restaurant bookkeeping services efficiently, they had tried several "automated invoice processing" solution providers. And, while they believed in the benefits, they had been unimpressed with the service.

One vendor only provided header-level details making it difficult to categorize and analyze costs beyond a vendor level. They tried another vendor that offered line-item level invoice details, but this time the vendor struggled to deliver accurate results and was unresponsive to customer service inquiries.

Find A Way needed a better way to efficiently capture and code accurate, line-item level invoice data in a timely manner without the headaches of hiring staff or dealing with poor service.

Their thoughts

"xtraCHEF streamlined the entire accounts payable process for our clients. By removing the manual data entry and coding by line item, we have cut human errors down dramatically, saved hours of data entry each week, and increased the usefulness of our reporting."

Terence Hanley, CPA, Esq.

Managing Member

The result

Fortunately, after a few failed attempts at automated accounts payable and invoice management, Find A Way LLC found their way to xtraCHEF. After testing xtraCHEF with some of their NYC restaurant accounting clients, they found a winner when it comes to eliminating manual data entry and coding, getting accurate results in timely manner, and getting answers from a customer success team if anything comes up.

As a restaurant accounting and consulting firm that works primarily with small restaurants looking to grow, Find A Way has to do a lot of heavy lifting – from payroll, human resources, and bookkeeping to implementing restaurant accounting systems and helping prepare taxes or work through audits. Collecting, capturing, coding and keying invoice details into accounting systems wastes valuable time and precious resources.

Since choosing xtraCHEF, Find A Way has eliminated manual data entry and drastically reduced human error. With xtraCHEF, the team at Find A Way, consisting of mostly CPAs, can focus on improving their clients’ finances and helping them to grow their business efficiently instead of managing low-level, manual tasks.

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Setting the standard for cloud-based restaurant management software.

  • Don't hate it. Automate it.

    Don't hate it. Automate it.

    No one likes data entry or paper pushin'
    Code invoice line-items in our system once...and that's it. Configure rules to review only the invoices you want to see. Accurate data delivered to accounting & inventory.
  • Analyze costs. Visualize profits.

    Analyze costs. Visualize profits.

    Improved visibility boosts your bottom-line
    Real-time visibility into food costs enable more informed purchase decisions, data-driven vendor negotiations & insight into how fluctuating prices impact the bottom line.
  • Connect the Kitchen & Bookkeeper

    Connect the Kitchen & Bookkeeper

    On-demand access to invoice images & data
    Secure, anywhere access and a powerful search engine make it easy to keep financial information flowing across the house, across locations or across the country.