Recipe Costing & Inventory Management Software

Learn more about how xtraCHEF automatically integrates accurately coded invoice and line-item purchase data with ChefTec Recipe Costing & Inventory Management software – with no manual data entry.


What is ChefTec?

ChefTec is restaurant management software used by chefs and foodservice operators to manage inventory and food costing across one or more profit centers.


How does xtraCHEF integrate with ChefTec?

xtraCHEF eliminates manual data entry of invoice line items into ChefTec. Simply snap a photo, email or scan and upload your vendor invoices, bills, and receipts.

xtraCHEF automatically extracts line-item details, including item codes, description, quantity, unit of measure, pack size, and price.

Once extracted, xtraCHEF formats the accurately digitized invoice data making it available to easily import to ChefTec. Best of all, this information is available for import within 24 hours.

xtrachef-integration-cheftec recipe costing & inventory management software

How does xtraCHEF benefit chefs and foodservice operators using ChefTec Recipe Costing & Inventory Management Software?

If you use ChefTec Recipe Costing & Inventory Management Software, then you understand the time and commitment it requires to keep your data up-to-date and accurate in the system.

The amount of effort required to get invoice data into ChefTec in a timely manner can hinder productivity and costs valuable time that can be better spent on delivering quality experiences to your guests.

The time and labor savings offered by xtraCHEF’s automated invoice processing will allow your team to focus on delivering value instead of doing data entry.

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