Graduate from Surviving to Thriving with xtraCHEF’s The Restaurant Week Optimization Guide

Restaurant Week Ideas for Capturing and Sustaining Growth

The core concept of Restaurant Week hasn’t changed since its 1992 inception.

That’s obviously not the case for the larger restaurant industry. Pandemic measures, delivery apps, ghost kitchens, mergers and acquisitions, sustainability, labor shortages, critical operational technology…the list goes on and on.

You need fresh Restaurant Week ideas that balance customer desires and application requirements with your ever-changing operational, financial, and culture needs and principals. It may not seem like it now or ever, but there is a balance you can strike to squeeze value out of restaurant week and derivative events.

We’ve prepared for you a buffet of Restaurant Week ideas, tips, tricks, and considerations to help you obtain that balance. Your business has nearly as much to gain from Restaurant Week as it does to lose. It’s critical that you stay mindful leading up to and throughout the week. Seize the moment, and truly thrive during restaurant week and beyond.

Make Restaurant Week Work for You!  💸

Go from surviving to thriving with these Restaurant Week ideas!