Growing Restaurant Group chooses leading Restaurant Cost Management platform

New York, NY – URBN Food and Beverage has selected xtraCHEF, an automated invoice processing and restaurant cost management platform, to support the restaurant group’s growth plan in 2018 and beyond. Currently consisting of 10 locations of four concepts – Pizzeria Vetri, Amis Trattoria, Bar Amis, and Terrain Café – the growing restaurant group made the decision to replace its previous provider with xtraCHEF’s advanced restaurant cost management features, including line-item level cost analysis and robust accounts payable approval workflows.

“We realize that as we continue to grow, it becomes more and more important to have as much cost control and oversight as possible,” said Adam DeAngelo, Director of URBN Food and Beverage brands. “Having visibility to accurate, line-item level purchase data in less than 24 hours along with an AP approval workflow that can be configured to our needs made moving to xtraCHEF an easy decision.”


xtraCHEF offers restaurants the ability to view near real-time purchase information in easy to use reports and dashboards. Invoice data and corresponding images are captured and stored by simply taking a photo, emailing, and/or uploading the invoices to the web-based cost management solution that is built specifically for the hospitality industry. Invoice approval workflow rules can be configured to ensure adequate oversight and compliance of the client’s accounts payable process without the stress and manual workload of less sophisticated tools. By integrating sales date, the group also plans to utilize xtraCHEF’s Declining Budget and Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) reporting tools.

“We’re thrilled to add URBN Food and Beverage to the xtraCHEF family,” said Andy Schwartz, Co-founder/CEO of xtraCHEF. “As a Philadelphia resident, I’m obviously a big fan of their food but also what both companies bring to the city. We look forward to growing with them.”

The increased visibility and ability to compare cost trends across units, GL codes and categories, and between similar items will allow the URBN Food and Beverage to keep a close eye on profitability. Other features such as price tracking and alerts, document management, and integrations to URBN’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) and accounting system, Oracle E-Business Suite, make xtraCHEF a seamless, scalable solution for the group.

xtraCHEF is a cloud-based invoice processing application to help the hospitality industry better manage costs. You simply take a picture of your invoices with our mobile app (or scan and upload) and xtraCHEF digitizes the entire invoice, extracts line-item detail, and imports the data directly into your Accounting or Inventory Management System. We then provide a number of cost intelligence features, including COGS reporting and analytics that allow you to keep your food costs low and your quality of service high across one or more locations.

ABOUT URBN Food and Beverage
Embodied by a commitment to excellence in food, beverage and service Philadelphia-based URBN Food and Beverage owns and operates a range of critically-acclaimed restaurants including: horticulture-inspired culinary destination, Terrain Garden Cafe (Glen Mills, Westport, Palo Alto); Roman-style eatery, amis trattoria (Philadelphia and Westport); and creatively reimagined neighborhood pizza joint, Pizzeria Vetri (Philadelphia, D.C., King of Prussia).


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