Top Dining Management Contractor chooses to roll-out xtraCHEF to 250+ locations

New York, NY – xtraCHEF, an automated accounts payable and food cost intelligence technology built for restaurants, accountants, and food service operators, today announced a partnership with Metz Culinary Management. Metz Culinary Management is a leading dining management services company serving over 250 locations across a variety of market segments, including healthcare, corporate dining, higher education, and independent and public school dining. The company also operates several eateries throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

“In our nearly 25 years of experience operating restaurants and foodservice concepts, our guest-focused approach has been what sets us apart as a leader in the dining management industry,” said Mike Cramton, CFO of Metz Culinary Management. “xtraCHEF supports our ‘Guest First” philosophy by allowing our managers to spend more time focused on our guests and less time in the office managing paperwork.”

xtraCHEF alleviates Metz’s managers from the time-consuming, error-prone task of manually coding and keying line-item invoice details into CTUIT, a restaurant inventory management and reporting system used by Metz. In addition to automating the invoice workflow into CTUIT at each location, Metz will leverage xtraCHEF at their corporate offices for all non-food and beverage invoices. This will considerably cut down on administrative effort and related costs for their corporate accounts payable department. After scanning and uploading invoices, xtraCHEF automatically digitizes, extracts and integrates the location-specific, line-item data with both CTUIT and Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains.

“We’ve had great success streamlining the invoice workflow for our restaurant and restaurant accounting clients and recognize that dining management service providers suffer many of the same challenges of managing food costs at a line-item level across multiple locations,” said Andy Schwartz, Co-founder/CEO of xtraCHEF. “We’re excited to partner with Metz Culinary Management and look forward to absorbing their feedback to better serve this segment.”

xtraCHEF is an automated accounts payable and food cost intelligence platform built for the restaurant and food service industry.
Simply snap a picture, scan and upload, or email your invoices, and xtraCHEF digitizes the invoice, stores the image in our cloud-based archive, automatically extracts line-item detail, routes for required approvals, and delivers the data directly into your Accounting or Inventory Management System. We then provide a number of cost intelligence features, including interactive COGS reports and dashboards that make it easy to access, analyze and share cost-saving information across your operations.

ABOUT Metz Culinary Management
Metz Culinary Management was established in 1994 by entrepreneur John C. Metz as a custom dining management service company with a “Guest First” philosophy serving a variety of market segments, including healthcare, corporate dining, higher education and independent and public school dining. And with the energy and foodservice experience of his son, CEO Jeff Metz, the company continues to expand its footprint and bring innovation to the food service management business.