Explain your role at xtraCHEF.

I work on the Customer Success team at xtraCHEF. We work directly with new customers to help them learn how to implement xtraCHEF through training calls, webinars and walkthroughs of the features.  I also am involved in helping roll out and create documentation for the new features, like our new Inventory Module.

What did you do before you came xtraCHEF? 

Prior to xtraCHEF, I managed the Customer Success team at another tech startup, ShopKeep, which is a POS company that also helps small business owners.

What do you love about xtraCHEF? 

I love that I get to see tangible results when we save time and money for our customers.  It’s very rewarding to hear customers’ excitement when they see how our tools can improve their daily lives.

Why are you passionate about the restaurant industry? 

I’ve worked a ton of roles in restaurants from line cook, expediting, waitering and delivery, up to managing.  I’ve also worked for tech startups since 2013 and I’ve seen some of the new technology available. But the restaurant industry still hasn’t fully taken advantage of these advances in technology.  Bringing technology to restaurateurs to make them more efficient and profitable is huge.

What do you do when you’re not working?

If I’m not working you’ll most likely find me home with my dog, going to the movies, or at a New York Islanders game.

What’s your hidden talent?

Each year I carve some pretty detailed jack-o’-lanterns for Halloween.  Each year I try to outdo my previous ones.