With so many options for restaurant management software from which to choose, it can be a challenge for operators to cut through the noise and identify which solution(s) will work best for their business. Whether through personal referrals, polling your network, or searching through online reviews, buyers need to do their homework. Fortunately, for folks searching for restaurant management solutions or other finance solutions, online directories, such as FinancesOnline, take some of the work out of this homework.

We’re pleased to share that we’ve been recognized by FinancesOnline and awarded both the 2017 Rising Star Award as well as the 2017 Great User Experience Award. The online B2B & Finance Solutions Directory provider offers visitors the ability to compare products as well as read customer reviews and reports from experts in order to easily identify and select a solution that will best suit their needs. FinancesOnline also lists xtraCHEF under its best software for restaurants category.

The platform combines opinions and recommendations from experts with carefully selected reviews from real users sharing their experience with each product. With FinancesOnline available as a source of detailed product information gathered in a single space, restaurant managers and restaurant owners can save time and optimize their decision making processes when searching for and selecting restaurant management solutions.

Restaurant Management Software Category

While FinancesOnline offers profiles, scores, and reviews for a range of industries and across various financial solutions categories including billing and invoicing, performance management, financial reporting, and more, one of their main categories is Restaurant Management Software. Check out the full list of available categories.

Their Restaurant Management Software category encompasses specific systems such as restaurant inventory management, accounting, POS, employee scheduling and more. We’re pleased to be recognized as a Top 10 Restaurant Management Software product, alongside other top restaurant management software providers such as Toast POS, Open Table, and Hot Schedules.

Smart Score – 8.0

FinancesOnline features a SmartScore system that offers users with a full overview of each reviewed software in order to help users evaluate all the products listed and select the best possible application. The final score is based on nine components that are key to evaluating each business solution:

  1. Main Functionality
  2. Collaboration Features
  3. Customization
  4. Integration
  5. Ease of Use
  6. General Impression
  7. Help & Support
  8. Security
  9. Mobility

We’re proud to announce that xtraCHEF scored an 8.0 out of 10 in FinancesOnline’s SmartScore system.

User Satisfaction Score – 100%

FinancesOnline offers a behavior-based Customer Satisfaction Algorithm™ to gather customer reviews, comments and opinions across a wide range of social media sites to help users make an informed buying decision. We’re proud to share that we’ve received a 100% User Satisfaction score according to FinancesOnline Customer Satisfaction Algorithm™.

Powerful and robust, xtraCHEF is built on powerful technologies and comes with a plethora of tools that streamlines your operations and simplifies your invoice and cost management without breaking the bank.

Check out the full xtraCHEF profile. Have you used our product? Feel free to provide us a review of your own!