Potential Customers

What is xtraCHEF

xtraCHEF is a financial and operational management platform built for restaurants. Leveraging a combination of machine learning, data science, and quality control, xtraCHEF provides the power of data and automation to streamline the supply chain. Watch how it works here!

How much does xtraCHEF cost?

We aim to make xtraCHEF affordable for restaurants of all sizes and ownership arrangements. Therefore, we offer different subscription tiers based on your business’ specific needs. Get the details on our Pricing page!

What types of payment does xtraCHEF accept?

We accept all major cards, like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express; debit cards; and ACH payment. You will be charged monthly or choose to pay for a year upfront.

New Customers

How do I log in on the web portal?

You can access the xtraCHEF web portal by visiting https://app.xtrachef.com/XtraChefAccount/Account/LogOn. We recommend bookmarking this site in your favorite browser.

Does xtraCHEF have an app?

There sure is! Our app works on both Apple and Android devices. Just search the store you use for xtraCHEF and log in from your phone!

Who will train my team to use xtraCHEF?

An xtraCHEF Customer Success Representative will get your users set up for success as part of our Onboarding package. Typically, one hour is all it takes to start getting the most out of the platform.

All Customers

Help! Something’s going wrong and it’s not covered in the FAQ!

Don’t worry—we got you. Reach out to our Support team by emailing support@xtrachef.com. We pride ourselves on responding to all inquiries in less than 24 hours!