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Learn more about how xtraCHEF integrates with CTUIT Restaurant Management Software to save restaurant owners, finance executives, general managers, and chefs time and money by automating manual data entry.


What is CTUIT?

CTUIT is a comprehensive all-in-one restaurant management software. CTUIT is a provider of RADAR, which includes integrated accounting, back office, workforce and business intelligence solutions, designed to improve profitability of restaurant operators.


How does xtraCHEF integrate with CTUIT Restaurant Management?

xtraCHEF eliminates the need for CTUIT users to manually key accounts payable data into their RADAR AP, Inventory, and Recipes. Utilize xtraCHEF data to work in the RADAR General Ledger Module.

Process both invoices awaiting payment, or even pass over the cost on previously paid invoices, to update your RADAR data for all expenditures.

xtrachef-integration-ctuit-restaurant management

How does xtraCHEF benefit CTUIT Users?

After xtraCHEF digitizes your invoices and automatically extracts the line-item details, the data is accurately and automatically coded and delivered to CTUIT in a timely and efficient manner. Your prices update the RADAR platform as they change.

The scanned invoice image is available and easily accessible in both systems without having to manually upload the invoice image into CTUIT. Instead, users access the images via a URL that xtraCHEF delivers to CTUIT.

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